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Hanna Bieńkowska - fashion designer

Hanna Bieńkowska

Not only is her appreciated  by native stars, but also by foreign ones.
The Vienna "Let's See Film Festival", opened by Austria's famous faumous stars, who wore her designer dresses.

When the designer's wedding dresses was presented in London, many brides dreamed about looking like a princess, an image inspired by the designer for the presentation.

Hanna Bieńkowska's design collections modeled on the classic, but always cultivating a new quality. Her style is not afraid of passing time. Inspired by classics, with well-balanced proportions, it is the object of women's desires.

Hanna Bieńkowska has proven with her collections the well-known fact that if a designer does not reproduce and create an unsual dress, they may be surprised by different, and more original models. To achieve such quality, she had to master the craft of tailoring. The designer tries to ensure that she sews and cuts the garments herself.

Dyplom Labor Omnia Vincit 2019
Medal Labor Omnia Vincit 2019
Statuetka Kreator Mody 2019
statuetka Złota Pętelka 2018
statuetka Luksusowa Marka Roku 2017
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Statuetka Kreator Mody 2016
statuetka Luksusowa Marka Roku
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dyplom Złota Pętelka 2013
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